Matthew Eckert, MD

Immediate Past President

Hugh Foy, MD

Secretary-Treasurer and President-Elect

Allison Porter, MD

Governor, American College of Surgeons and Chair, Interspecialty Committee

Mika Sinanan, MD, PhD

Governor, American College of Surgeons

Marc Horton, MD

Governor, American College of Surgeons

Paul Lin, MD

Governor, American College of Surgeons

Nicole Gibran, MD

Chair, Young Surgeons Committee

Giana Davidson, MD

Councilor (2020)

Ryan Martinez, MD

Councilor (2021)

Tom Penoyar, MD

Councilor (2021)

Cate Straub, MD

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Councilor (2021)

Anjali Kumar, MD

Councilor (2022)

Judy Chen-Meekin, MD

Councilor (2022)

David M. Brown, MD

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Senior Councilor

Kenneth Harris, MD

Chair, Program Chair

Sam Mandell, MD

Chair, Committee on Trauma

Bryce Robinson, MD

Chair, Membership Committee and Association of Women Surgeons Representative

Lorrie Langdale, MD

Chair, Cancer Committee

Peter Wu, MD


Ravi Moonka, MD

SCOAP Representative

Richard Thirlby, MD

RAS Representative

Danielle Hayes, MD

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